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Thank you for supporting April's K911 Academy.


Your donation is going to help pay for the Special Use Permit we need to stay in business!


Our intention is to entail the help of this community to rebuild this program for the community. The proposed $30,000 is a low ballpark cost.  


In addition, we are looking for volunteers who are willing able support us with the building, monetary donation, and supplies. 


If we need to hire a construction firm with architect capabilities, the cost will undoubtedly increase.


If you can help, here is a list of the items we need to adhere to the Doña Ana County codes.

Thank you for all your support and generosity.


  1. Architect/Landscape surveyor with P.E.  stamp to put in the upgrades to the building plans

  2. Traffic analysis to determine how the traffic will impact the neighborhood

  3. Soil sample for impact

  4. ADA approved parking space

  5. ADA approved ramp

  6. ADA approved unisex bathroom w/lighted exit signs, bars

  7. Septic and piping supplies

  8. Toilet

  9. Pedestal sink

  10. Solar vents

  11. Seal the concrete

  12. Corrugated metal for the lower walls

  13. Reused wood for the upper walls

  14. Approved lights, exit signs

  15. Upgraded electrical for lighting/outlets

  16. Bright outside lights for the parking lot and side play yard

  17. Additional walk through door

  18. Drinking fountain

  19. Swamp cooler duct 50ft

  20. 300ft X6' Twisted wire fencing

  21. 400ft 2'' Pipe for yard post

  22. 20X50' Shade for yard

  23. Tractor work to clear for yard

  24. Brick stove backing

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